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The Mission of the IECA Foundation is to identify and support programs that have significant impact on students and their educational environments. Priority is given to programs that assist students as they make educational choices.

Promise Statement

The IECA Foundation is the force that leverages the knowledge, professional skills, and funds of IECA members, sponsors, and donors to help underserved students map pathways to success.

Just as IECA consultants apply objective professional assessment, skilled individual counseling, and family engagement to help students make thoughtful, positive life choices, the Foundation supports, through its grant-making, programs utilizing the same strategies for underserved students.

Pin-pointing and assessing small, under-noticed projects, the Foundation bolsters their effectiveness by leveraging the sage advice, community awareness, and combined donations of Association members and generous benefactors.

By investing — and re-investing — in programs that produce pragmatic, measurable results for vulnerable students, their parents, and their communities, the IECA Foundation supports replicable models that bring forth students’ potential and nurture their aspirations into achievement.

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